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Farm-to-Table Food, Wine & Tea

The word Komli in Georgian, comes from the word "Kvamli" [კვამლი], which means smoke coming out of a chimney. It means a household that is alive, where

the fire is lit, where a kettle is on for tea and where full glasses of

wine are on the table waiting for you. It is a place where it is cozy, where you feel warm, the fire is lit and love is in the air.

Our Mission

Our vision is to bring life back to the forgotten villages in Guria, West Georgia by building a place for a diverse community and agro-ethnic experiences, place where you always want to return to. We invite guests to stay at our farm in DIY made wooden wine barrels, eat fresh organic food farm-to-the-table, and learn about local culture through our tours.

Where to find us?
"Off the tourist track, the roads in subtropical Guria weave through densely forested hills and valleys - reminiscent of Thailand or Sri Lanka - past walnut and fruit orchards as well as tea plantations. Cows and pigs wander on to the road. Diminutive Orthodox churches sit on roadsides or perch on hilltops"

By Helen Moat Journalist

Guria, West Georgia
20 km to Black Sea Arena, 50 min from Batumi
65 Km from Kutaisi Airport

32 Km from Gomis Mta, 2100 Meter high
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Join three generations of Gurian women for a night of storytelling, toasting, and the finest Georgian food
Follow the Tea Route

Learn about how the first tea bushes appeared in Georgia and get to know about a charming Chinese expert - Lao Junzhou, who settled in Georgia in 1893 and merged the oriental tea traditions with Georgian culture.

Take a walk towards our tea garden, pick tea leaves, and learn how it is made.

Taste it shortly after with Georgian sweets on our balcony.

50 GEL per person

Farm to Table Kitchen
We offer a traditional lunch menu made of seasonal products grown locally. All our dishes are prepared carefully with love, experience, and the lead of our Chef and the eldest member of our family - Meri Bebo (Grandma Meri). We offer a selection of salads, seasoned vegetables, meat/vegetarian-friendly dishes, pastry, various local sauces with traditional beverages.

60-90 GEL menu options available
Our Wine

Chkhaveri is a western Georgian variety, It is truly a rare variety as only a handful of Georgian winemakers work with this grape today.

Chkhaveri berries are round, juicy, and thin-skinned. While its clusters are small or conical, sometimes with a single wing. This late-ripening and low-yielding variety tend towards higher acidity. Chkhaveri produces balanced, soft wines with moderate alcohol levels and varied diversity of aromas and flavors.

40 Gel per bottle

50 Gel per person for wine degustation with snacks

Stay in one of our three DIY made Diogenes Barrels - Glamping
As ancient philosophers would say "γνῶθι σεαυτόν" or "know thyself," - Open the door and enter in your own small universe, you will be greeted by the beautiful smell of cedar melting you into relaxation and a beautiful panoramic view of the Lesser Caucasus mountain range Gomi. Lay down on a comfortable double bed to read a book or feel free to fold out a small table and drink local wine with your partner. These barrels are equipped with electricity and Wi-Fi. The bathroom and shower facilities are 1 min walk away.

75 Gel for 1 person with breakfast
100 Gel per night for 2 persons
140 Gel including the breakfast for 2

Pricelist 2024

Tours - 50 Gel per person

Tea Tour: Immerse yourself in the world of tea with our Tea Tour. Discover the fascinating history of tea in Georgia, pick tea leaves in our garden, and learn about the tea-making process. The tour concludes with a delightful tea tasting session, paired with Georgian sweets, on our balcony.

Komli Signature Tour: Embark on our Komli Signature Tour to explore our family history and the surrounding area. Take a guided walk on our farm, enjoy a small boat ride on the creek, and delve into the archives and photos that showcase the rich heritage of Komli. This immersive tour offers a deeper understanding of our roots and the local community.

Farm-to-Table Dinner: (Prices vary from 60-90 GEL per person): Indulge in a farm-to-table dining experience that celebrates the flavors of our region. Our chef expertly crafts a menu using locally sourced ingredients from our farm and the surrounding area. Sit down at our beautifully adorned table and savor a multi-course meal paired with carefully selected local wines, creating a memorable culinary journey.

Joint Offers:

Half-day Agro/Ethnic tour - Immerse yourself in the beauty of Georgia's agro and ethnic traditions with our Half-day Agro/Ethnic Tour. Begin with a fascinating tea tour and tasting, where you'll discover the secrets behind the cultivation and processing of tea leaves. Explore our farm with a guided tour, learning about the sustainable practices we employ. Embark on a small guided hike through a picturesque bamboo forest and along a tranquil rivulet, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Complete the experience with a delicious lunch or dinner, featuring farm-fresh ingredients that showcase the flavors of the region. Join us for an enriching journey that combines nature, culture, and gastronomy in a memorable half-day adventure. 150 GEL per person

Full Ethnic Agro Experience - Embark on a captivating journey through Georgian culture with our Full Ethnic Agro Experience. Explore our tea plantation with a guided tour and tasting, learn the art of making Gurian Khachapuri, visit a 12th Century monastery through a scenic hike along the mountain river, and indulge in a traditional Georgian Supra with a Toastmaster guiding you through the toasting rituals. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and warm hospitality of Georgia for a truly unforgettable experience. 200 GEL per person

Local Polyphonic music live performance - 400 GEL per group (1.5 hours)

Professional all-day Fishing with equipment - 340 GEL per group

Discounts: For children under ages 2-7 50 % discount, Children under 2 - free

And there are much more adventures!
Our contacts
E-mail: komligeorgia@gmail.com
Address: #25 Shermadin Chkuaseli Street, Tsitelmta, Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia 3500
Special thanks to for the photos:
Emily Lush from wander-lush
Eleonore Garnier - eleonore.garnier instagram
Nino Baidauri photoworks, Misha Arobelidze,
Guro Vashakmadze
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